Integraletherapie offers a place where you can ask questions relating guidance in the field
of transsexualism, depression, negative and destructive emotions and behaviour,
inner restlessness and general life issues and questions.

Additionally, supportive treatments are offered through massages, relaxation techniques,
aromatherapy or the healing power of herbs.
Seperate or supportive treatments are also available.

Being a lifelong transgender I offer a safe haven to talk about life's issues and questions,
difficulties you may experience in your everyday life. All this in a safe environment,
with professional guidance.

Together with You, I want to do my very best to help and guide you on your path
to personal growth, cures and healing.
An attitude of deep respect and discretion are essential for me,
both as a way of life and in every treatment I give.

Let's work on this Together, at Your pace.

You are Welcome!


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