What is reiki?

Reiki stands for universal life energy.
It connects cosmic energy with our own personal life energy.
Reiki brings both in a state of balance and enhances your health,
spiritual growth and personal balance.

It is being transfered via the hands in a very simple way.

Reiki can be used in all sorts of ways, the goal is the same: it benefits human beings
as much as it does plants and animals,
as shown below where I give Reiki to one of my favorite chickens. :)


What does Reiki do?

You get new energy and vitality during a treatment.
Reiki stimulates the self-healing powers of the human body, which works stronger
when the person receives the treatment with the intention of receiving help and healing.
This healing energy cleans and detoxifies the body and relieves blockages.

This energy works on the mental, psysical, emotional and spiritual level
to achieve balance and harmony.


What are the effects of Reiki?

  • offers help and support when relieving and handling blockages

  • gives help with discovering oppressed, ignored or numbed down emotions and pain

  • supports the working elements of medication

  • supports a psychotherapeutic process

  • helps and supports when taking away stress and the origins of stress

  • repairs the natural energy balance

  • offers rest and relaxation


What happends during a Reiki treatment?

Reiki can be transmitted through contact of the hands on the receiver's body.
The only thing the receiver has to do is be open-minded and accept this
form of healing energy.

If body contact is unpleasant for the receiver, the hands can be placed
above the body so that the hands don't have to touch the body at all.
Reiki travels through matter, therefore the receiver does not have to take
of his or her clothes before or during the treatment.

The treatment is done on a massage table or in a chair.
During the treatment, the hands of the one who gives the treatment are placed
on specific positions on the body.
The receiver is allowed to remain lying on his or her back, belly or on the side
during a treatment on the massage table if that feels more comfortable.

The duration of a session is approx. 60 to 75 minutes: introduction, the
treatment itself and a short rundown of what happened during the treatment afterwards.