Potassium-Sodium Balancing - TENS

TENS-devices are mainly used by physiotherapists to relieve or reduce pain.
TENS-devices are also equally usefull to achieve a deep form of relaxation.

The device (Omron TENS HV-F128) is suitable for almost everybody, except for those wearing
a pacemaker or who have steel bolts or plates installed in their body because of a surgical procedure

The device delivers minor electrical pulses through pads that are placed on the body
to stimulate muscles and nerve-endings. These helps to repair the natural balance of
Potassium and Sodium in the body. Both elements influence the osmotic balance between
cells and the interstitial fluid.

Using this TENS-device is easy and asks little time, but delivers great benefits.
The entire treatment with this device is just 15 minutes long, but works very relaxing.

The device uses 2 pads that are placed on the spine and the device uses different
wavelengths and frequencies of current. Using this device weekly is allowed,
but can only be used maximum twice a week.